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    -->> Original Electro Breaks on the Ragga tip -- Vocals by MC Zulu <<--

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My People!! Thanks for checking out the new release..


Breaky tech house and electro with a hip-hoppy / drum n' bassish number thrown in there..All on the Rasta tip. PLUS Hurricane Hill...Anyone know the Winnebago man?


I started mashing Reggae vocals with my productions just before I ran into MC Zulu on Twitter (of all places!). He had some bangin' acapellas on his site that I completely jacked, chopped and dropped into my jams. When I sent them back to him, he was like hot diggity dayom I'm putting these out on my label (or something like that:). The EP will be Available on all the major distribution sites via Perception 2020. But before that...


As mentioned, this album will soon appear on all the online music outlets. But right now we are pre-releasing independently, giving those who would like the opportunity to truly support an artistic endeavor to do so.

Rather than trying to convince you that I'm the like toootally cool, and that you should bow down to the awesomeness, I'm skipping the big front and presenting who I REALLY am: A guy who loves making music and spreading joy to people through the miracle of the club experience.

I have ditched the relative DJ 9-5 of playing the hits for drunk people to focus completely on the "art" side of this art-form, creating something new and unique.

If you appreciate the time, effort and dedication it takes to make these tracks and would like to see reckless dedication pay-off in the end, Here is your chance to show it. You also get some delicious swag in return =)

Tier 1 - $4.00 "The Basic": Get the Album

Tier 2 - $7.00 "The Mix": Get the Album, + the Live at Electric Beach mix.

Tier 3 - $30.00 - "The Garment Bag": Get the Album, the mix and a swag-tastic "Like Motion" T-shirt.

Teir 4 $100.00 - The "Techmology is sexy" package. Everything from 3, except you get both his and hers t-shirts AND a custom made 4 gig usb flash drive that is re-writable and will contain the album, 3 videos, and my last 5 DJ mixes. The drive looks like a robot and makes a great key chain =)

Tier 5 - $200.00 - The "We call him 'Mini mix'" Package. Everything from Tier 3 PLUS I will do an exclusive mini remix of ANYTHING you want. A movie line? Your name? A song you like? Funny? Gangsta? The name of the one you love? it's your choice. Choose a subject and we will slice it up to a funky ass beat.

Teir 6 - $500.00 The "Remix Gold Package" The same as teir 5, but instead of a mini-mix, you get a full out remix. Complete with big builds and sassy drops.

Teir 7 - $1000.00 - "The be careful what you wish for Platinum Package". Everything from Tier 4 (Including the Remix) AND I will show up in your town and play a show, ANYWHERE within the 50 States. I will cover my flight and lodging. (Negotiable for anyone within driving distance to Boston).

Teir 8 - "The DIY donation package": Pick a number, any number. =)

Teir 9 - "The chance to get the album for free because you read through all the teirs package": If you're a little low on funds but are willing to share this page via social networks (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram) we will hit you off with the complete album free of charge.


Peace, blessings, and thank-you for listening!!!




released December 6, 2012

All beats Written, Produced and Recorded by Jesse Felluss. Vocals Written and Performed by MC ZULU.



all rights reserved


Jesse Felluss Brooklyn, New York

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